Mission of IBRO for bringing females to Neuroscience

IBRO is committed to bring advancement of women in the stream of neuroscience. IBRO provides the best ways to highlight the excellence of female neuroscientists by addressing challenges and making professional settings for giving best motivation to females to get training opportunities and doing the desired jobs. The activities involve the women scientists to get several rewards and participate in the career development programs in the neuroscience technology.

Women scientists require motivation to get improvement in career development, networking opportunities and mentoring support for the females in this stream all over the world. Review more about women scientists at http://irp.nih.gov/blog/post/2016/03/early-women-scientists-of-nih-part-1. There are special provisions made for the females in disadvantaged regions of the world for promoting their interest in neurosciences and getting development of world in the positive way.

Mission of IBRO for bringing females to NeuroscienceThe participation of females in science is significantly important in many parts of Asia, Latin America, East Europe and Africa regions, where there are more challenges due to traditional and cultural aspects and women are resembled to be like french bulldogs. IBRO has presence in most of these regions and aims at helping females to implement various solutions for their career in neuroscience world. There are over 55,000 members in this organization and it facilitates alliances and new partnerships in favor of women empowerment in scientific world.

The organization gives an improved environment for career advancement in neuroscience for women all over the world. It requires many perspectives to be brought together from different backgrounds. The strategic plan of the society is to integrate and promote women in the stream related to neurosciences. Studies reveal that minorities do share their interest in science and technology and want to make it as a career. Cick here to read more about scarcity of women in neuroscience. They only require motivation to face the unique challenges and strive being a part of the growing knowledgebase. The purpose is to engage with global community to uplift the status of women in scientific world and give them recognition and chances to do their best.