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Excess of Protein is Dangerous

There is a huge hype about the need of protein and people are endlessly buying supplements, shakes and many more things to get protein from unnatural sources. However, most of them are unaware that too much of protein or wrong kind of protein can harm the body much more than it can benefit it in any way. The people having arthritis troubles will have many issues, if they take excess of protein in the diet. The calcium from their teeth and bones can be robbed and it can lead to osteoporosis, toxic body and tooth decay. The joints can be degenerated and it can cause inflammation and pain in connective tissues.

How much protein is required?

It is always good to take the help of an expert for this case. It is the reason that Protein House was introduced by Andy Bick as the fitness expert only knows the best in terms of diet and healthy living. The researches demonstrate that we were actually designed to consume 5% of the protein in our diet.

The amount of protein required for every person is different according to age, gender and other requirements. The growing human baby would need the most protein during initial phases of bone development. We need protein on the basis of the total calories. It is logical from the nature’s point of view that mother’s milk gives 5% of protein needs to the newly born. God has designed this natural system in their own way and for adults; following natural and organic food for protein requirements will be most beneficial. Cow’s milk is heavy and much higher in protein than the mother’s feed. The children consuming cow’s milk are likely to get many disease symptoms. Cow’s milk is designed by nature for a fast growing calf and it requires less time to get matured.

We feed our children with too much of protein and it might make them matured very soon. Premature puberty can be one of the adverse affects of giving too much protein to children. The natural growth is hampered by excess supplementing of protein and it can accelerate the body of a child to the maturity level for which they are not ready physically or emotionally. There are many side effects of excess protein intake, including diabetes, early onset arthritis, allergies and many more.

What Kind of protein do we really need?

It is a matter of debate for the health experts. The reality is that we need the protein levels according to daily activities in our life. If you are consuming proteins without exercising or working out, it will not be utilized and you might get many health troubles. Protein in animal and plant products needs to be broken down into amino acids before utilizing it as energy in the body. Animal products are heavy and ideal only if you can utilize their value by making use of the energy.

Protein House food items are designed perfectly by the expert nutritionist Andy Bick as well as a panel of chefs having expertise in their industry. It can be beneficial to consume appropriate diet to attain great results for the body. It repairs and grows the lean mass of the body. The body has to work hard to utilize the amino acids. The concept of Protein House has turned on many Americans towards the race of fitness and they tend to remain healthy by eating appropriate diets. Protein embedded meals are prepared with amazing nutrition value and sumptuous taste. The value of proteins is adjusted for a level that it shouldn’t harm anyone.

High Protein Diet Result

The major impact of high protein diet is that the blood content gets too acidic. Blood should be more on alkaline side and acid blood PH is not at all good for the body. Acid poisoning can be the resultant of eating wrong or excessive protein. It can lead to arthritis, diabetes and even cancerous situations.


To conclude, it is always good to consume the eatables in a right quantity. Starvation is never a solution to reduce weight or remain fit. You need to consume amino acids in the form and percentage designed for human body. We can get protein from plant and meat sources. The enzymes and properties can be kept intact only if proper cooking is done for these food items. Protein House chefs are trained to cook the food items in a way to keep the nutrition value intact. Andy Bick has created the new way of undertaking healthy diet and including appropriate amount of protein in it for best resultsandrew-bick